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This page is a translated version of the page Bongo App and the translation is 92% complete.

i3 lite App

i3 lite App - is an app for a tablet or a smart phone, that enables to use control projects created by an integrator. The app enables to

  • Download projects from the cloud - When a project is created an integrator saves it in the cloud and gives an end-user a download link. This technology gives a convenient mechanism to download a project, as well as enables users to get updates without leaving home.
  • Download project via a QR-code - If a project is made for numerous users, an integrator can give a user a QR-code via which any user of the system can get a control project by scanning the QR-code from i3 lite app.
  • Use projects - The app is made to use control projects. A user of an app can have many control projects, that's why the app has a convenient mechanism of switching among project and work with the cloud.
  • Share projects - Users of the system can share control projects with other users of the system at any moment.
  • Change the graphic style of a project - The app has a feature of changing the graphic style of a project. Many graphical styles are available to users, that can be used and changed in a project.

How to Start

i3 lite App is available for download at App Store and Google Market. To work in the app a user is to get authorization. When launched for the first time, the app will ask the user to authorize. !!!Поставить скрин авторизации в конфиге!!!

After successful authorization a user will see the main window of the app that enables to:

  • Download a project from the cloud
  • Download a project via a QR-code
  • Edit projects

!!!картинка главного окна!!!

Project download from the cloud

All received projects automatically get into the cloud. When a new mobile device is used to work in i3 lite, a user can restore all projects, received before. To do it, go to the Cloud section. To download a project on a panel, choose the required project and in the window that appears choose Download Project.

Editing a project

To edit a project, choose a project in the list of projects. Every project has editable properties:
  • Project name is the name of a project that is displayed on a device and in the cloud.
  • Project icon is an icon of a project in the list of projects.
  • Project style is the graphical style of the interface that can be changed by both an integrator and an end-user.
  • Users and devices - if a user has a status of a project administrator, he can share the project with another user from the device by entering his login in "Invite user field". In this field an integrator can see a list of panels where the project was downloaded and edited.

!!!картинка свойств проекта!!!

Project upload into the cloud

Every user can save a project in the cloud. To upload a project into the cloud, go to the Cloud section and select Upload to Cloud. After this a project is saved in the cloud.

Giving a project to the user

The administrator of a project can send a download link to any user of the system. To do it, open a project, go to General tab and select users and panel section. Select Invite user and in the window that appers enter the login of i3 lite user. When this is done, a link to project download is sent to the user. In this section an integrator can also see a list of panels that use this project. An integrator, as an administrator, can delete panels from this list to save place for other panels in the license More about licensing.

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